Assalamu Alaikum and thank you for interest for joining our ambassador program. 
Our ambassador program is based on active communication between you, us, and your followers. Our goal is to increase awareness and active engagement for your public image as well as ours.
  • 3.000 authentic followers on the platform you are using
  • Followers/base in either in Europa, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, the UAE, Qatar or New Zealand
  • Entuthiastic! 
 Core Values:
By Muslims For Muslims
Islam is our first and foremost principle, which we are doing our best to uphold. Our products are therefore aimed at the modern Muslims home. We want to bring a visual aid to our buyers in form of Quranic quotes, and images, which connects people’s interior with their faith.
Original products and Content
Our products are original, and your content must be as well. We create our products from scratch, and this is something we hold very dear, as many are just re-selling stock pictures to customers. It is important for us, that both you as a brand Ambassador, as well as your followers are aware of this. We expect our Brand Ambassadors to be just as enthusiastic about sharing our products, as we are about creating them
Be the Yoda of your followers!
You are your followers’ inspirational source! Your content is meant to inspire your followers, and we are expecting you to do your best to inspire them, by sharing content about our products as well. Your followers are not just seeing decorations, they are seeing Islamic values. Be the Yoda of your followers and guide them.